Contract Hire & Leasing

Contract Vehicle Hire

For business and private use, there are a number of reasons why leasing a vehicle could be preferable to making a purchase. At 3B Hire & Servicing, we are committed to finding the right contract hire solution to meet your requirements and budget.

Don’t forget, we are also a self-drive hire operator which means we can provide a hassle-free rental vehicle whilst you wait for delivery of your contract hire vehicle.

If you think leasing could be the ideal motoring option for you, get in touch with 3B Hire today on: 01844 291430

Hiring the Right Vehicle

Contract vehicle hire allows you to get exactly what you need, for the duration you need it for. With over 15 years’ experience in the self-drive hire sector, we have the knowledge to advise you on makes, models and even specs of your desired vehicle to make sure it’s suitable for what you want it for.

Upgrading to a New Model

Contract vehicle hire also means that it is straightforward to regularly upgrade your car or fleet. Replacing a vehicle with a new model every few years is one of the main reasons why our clients opt for this form of leasing.

Hassle Free Service

3B Hire can include a maintenance package as part of the contract hire. This means that the cost of its upkeep is included in the monthly price – you simply need to take care of insurance and fuel. This hassle free service is welcome by many customers.

Financial Contract Information

For some people it is important that they own their own car, however ownership typically means that you need a large deposit of cash. This can be particularly challenging for start-up trade companies or business that need a fleet of vehicles. There are few assets that depreciate quite as quickly as a motor vehicle. If you don’t want to bear the cost or face the hassle of selling when it’s time to replace with a newer model, contract vehicle hire is the ideal option.

Fixed Motoring Costs

In addition to the need for a smaller down payment, spreading the costs over the contract period makes financial planning easier. If you have a limited budget, we can recommend the most suitable vehicle within your price range.
It is important that you find an affordable option, as you are contracted to pay in full and return the vehicle at the end of the hire period. Any damage to the vehicle must also be repaired in full before the contract ends. Mileage allowances are flexible can be adjusted to suit your actual requirements. Our personalised approach means you don’t pay for mileage you don’t need, or get a large bill at the end of your contract.

Personal & Business Contract Vehicle Hire

3B Hire offers contract vehicle hire for private and business use. There are benefits to both options and your circumstances will dictate what suits you best. We can help you make this decision

Business Accounts

Contract vehicle hire is subjected to VAT. For business customers, 50% of this charge can be reclaimed (100% for any maintenance charges). We will provide all associated documentation to make it as simple as possible maintain your accounts. We can advise you on the company car tax implications as well.

Whether you are looking for a single vehicle or a fleet, fixed monthly payments and flexible hire periods make it easier to find the most cost effective solution. You may simply need an additional vehicle for the duration of a specific project or to cover a seasonal peak and this is often where contract vehicle hire is a cost effective option

Personal Service

3B Hire is a family run company. This allows us to be more flexible than larger competitors. We offer short or long term vehicle hire options for a range of  cars, vans and people carriers to meet your requirements.

For contract hire & leasing, we act as a broker which means we don’t actually underwrite the deals ourselves. We have access to a large cross-section of the market and are not tied in to any one manufacturer or supplier. In short, we do the searching for you so you can simply tell us what you want and wait for the quotes.
By providing you with the chance to regularly upgrade your vehicle or fleet we can help you to drive the vehicle you want at a price that suits your budget.


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