Diagnostics for your car

The modern motorcar has in excess of 14,000 components on it. Finding what part has failed or is causing a fault is not always simple.

We invest heavily in the latest diagnostic equipment to allow us more accurately diagnose your cars problems and even advise on potential problems before they arise.

From just £25 + vat we can carry out a code read of your cars computer (or ecu) and advise you why that annoying little light is on or if there is a potential problem looming.

Whilst an engine management light is not always a cause for concern and may not affect the running of your vehicle there is always a reason for it. With modern cars covered with sensitive sensors something simple could just be the reason your car fails its MOT. We cover most makes and models and have a wealth of knowledge as well as access to a vast library of industry data to call upon.

Main dealers typically charge around £100 for diagnostics before you even begin to repair the faults found.

Remember – early diagnosis can save you money in the long run!